Link Validator 2.2

Software description

Link Validator is developed by UESEO Ltd. (, in order to help webmasters, and e-commerce owners to promote their websites.

Link Validator 2.2 can automatically crawl the links of a website, check whether the link (404 page) is available and the page loading time. Dead links and slow links are very harmful for user experience and search engine optimization. Website owners should repairs all dead links, and optimize page loading time. Slow page loading time could result from poor web server, too large or many images, or poorly coded JavaScript, CSS or HTML. If you need help to optimize the links, please contact UESEO Inc.. Thank you!


Download standalone version

Download Windows installer

Download standalone version for *nix OS (support Unix based OS, such as , Ubuntu )

Download installer for Mac OSX

Download user manual

  • Download Windows PC -Sitemap Creator -
  • Download Ubuntu-Sitemap Creator -
  • Download Mac OSX -Sitemap Creator -

Support Windows XP, Vista and Win7

How to use?

After downloading the standalone version, click LinkValidator2.2.exe to execute the program

If you need shortcuts in desktop and start menu, please download and install the installer. Click LinkValidator2.2.exe to execute the program after installation

How to get a license for Link Validator?

Link Validator 2.2 offers two types of licenses for personal and business use. Personal license can generate link validation report certified by UESEO. Personal license is most appropriate for webmasters or web programmers. Business license allows users to generate link validation report with their own signature and contacts. Business license is best for SEO practitioner or marketing companies.

Unregistered software is limited in some aspects. For the best benefits of your website, please register your software. You can get a license for Link Validator at the following address:

You can get a software license using the button below. Please send an email to to inform us your payment. License will be emailed to you within TWO days after payment. A license can be only used once, please keep your license confidential.

Link Validator License