Sitemap Creator 2.1

Software Description:

Sitemap Creator ver2.1 is developed by UESEO Inc. (,and intended to help webmasters and e-commercial owners to promote websites.

Sitemap Creator can crawl all the links of a website, then create sitemap.xml containing all the links. You only need to upload the created sitemap.xml file into your website server, and notify major search engines, such as, Bing,Google,Yahoo!,and etc. By creating a sitemap for your website, search engines can better index your website, thereafter higher rank in search engine results. Creating a sitemap is one essential task in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Download links:

Download standalone version for Windows OS (support Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc)

Download installer for Windows OS (support Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc.)

Download standalone version for *nix OS (support Unix based OS, such as , Ubuntu )

Download installer for Mac OSX

Download software manual

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Support Windows XP, Vista and Win7

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You can always use our software for FREE. But Unregistered software has some limitations. For the best benefits of your SEO efforts, please get a license for Sitemap Creator.

You can get a software license using the button below. Please send an email to to inform us your payment. License will be emailed to you within TWO days after payment.

Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is sitemap?

Sitemap is a web page file in html format, providing information about the structure of a website. Website users and search engine spiderds can read the sitemap file to get better understanding about the contents, layout, and structure of a website. Users can also use sitemap as a navigational tool.

The link for a sitemap file is usually put at the bottom of a website, and intended to be used as a navigational tool.

Sitemap also provides a good tool for the search engine spiders to index a website. Sitemap can help search engines better crawle and index a website, therefore, contribute to better search engine result position.

How to get support about Sitemap Creator?

If you need about on how to use Sitemap Creator, or how to submit your sitemap.xml to search engines, you can always get technical support from UESEO Inc. You can contact UESEO Inc. by sending an email to us at

How to submit sitemap.xml?

Currently, major search engines like Google,Yahoo!,Bing and all support sitemap.xml. The links for sitemap submissions are below. Please substitute to the link for your own sitemap file.

Submission link for Google

Submission link for Yahoo!

Submission link for Bing:

Submission link for Ask: